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At Amcor Design (Heart of New York’s diamond district) Headquarters, we design and manufacture one hell of a collection of Bridal Sets, Engagement Rings and Wedding bands. In an addition to that, we also create fine diamond jewelry on demand starting from Diamond Pendant, Earrings to Bracelets and Semi-mounts. 

Amcor Design Inc.

To recall our aim and focus regarding diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry, we dedicate our online store only towards manufacturing and selling finest quality diamonds via our best in class professional customer service in order to fulfill customer’s request fine diamond jewelry provided with best value for their money.

Diamond Bridal Set
Diamond Engagement Ring

We deal in 200,00+ jewelry designs. Plus, our in-site configuration allows our customers to customize through the design and the gemstone to make their piece special. Few customization options that we provide on our web store are customization in diamond quality, metal type, center stone type and center stone size. To be more specific about the quality services and options we offer in our internet store.

We deal in Over 200,000 jewelry design configurations; covering everything from traditional design to contemporary design Offering jewelry metal selection in 14K and 18K; talk about color we have them in White, Yellow, Rose (pink) and 950 Platinum with real-time jewelry preview
Rings are available for all finger sizes which includes the 1/4 sizes
Wax adjustments on all styles as needed
Custom model making - CAD and Hand Carved Wax
Pieces once manufactured, tend to be shipped within 2 business days
All of our products are manufactured and hand-set in the U.S.A.
Our precious metals are 100% recycled and processed at our vendor facilities that meet the strictest DEP requirements
Our diamonds are conflict free and mined from sources that comply with Kimberley Process
30 Days friendly return policy
Amcor Design Appraisal / Authenticity Certificate with each item

If any of our customers are confused while selecting Beautful diamond jewelry; for they don’t know the price and quality difference between any type of gemstones or metal involved in making ring; Please feel free to call us on 1.800.715.6380, 1.212.354.2275 or mail us at for any extra information you require in selecting diamond from our website.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Unusual Marriage Proposals

Let’s start with the true basic things required for a perfect proposal. A perfect engagement ring and a perfect moment to break it in front of her.

To find a perfect beautiful engagement ring requires knowledge of your prospective spouse’s choice in style and fashion. So there are a lot of options to choose from, at Amcor design.

Talking about perfect moment, there is no such thing like this and it just won't come to you like that, but you have to make a moment perfect either by taking her out to a very special place where she likes to be and break the proposal in front of her or by just make the moment special with diamond engagement ring.
Here’s an example of a few people who proposed their love in a very unusual way:

  1. Michael Benson and Ana  Rose went on a scuba diving date on a weekend when Michael promised to take her to the shark lands. And just when the couple were all surrounded by sharks Michael broke the proposal and took a white board with “will you marry me?” written on it. Ms Rose responded with the OK Sign underwater. Later,back on the boat Michael Gifted Ana a diamond engagement ring.

  1. Ashley rose, Minneapolis news reporter got a call for the job, she just had to read a few lifestyle news on television, when suddenly in between her boyfriend came in with a beautiful diamond engagement ring and proposed her on air. Which she replies with yes.

  1. Anna Hamburger and Memo Chang, used to be new york residents, went on a walk in Central Park on a christmas morning. Everything was just normal when Momo held Anna’s eyes from behind and told her that there’s a surprise. While anna was totally clueless, Momo removed hands off her eyes and let her see a beautiful diamond ring hung on a christmas tree. Anna agreed to the offer and they are leading cheerful wedded life.

  1. Pooja, Californian Geologist was staying a weekend at her boyfriend’s place. On the morning when she was to leave for work. Justin made her breakfast, sandwiches and coffee. When pooja took the last sip of coffee from that cup she saw justin got “marry me” written in the bottom of that cup. She said yes instantly.

  1. Steven, a space nerd made his way in NASA with his intense brain working capability and sharpness. Steven decided to propose his highschool girlfriend from space. So he took off in one of the mission and made a video with space in the background and online telecasted the video for the whole world to see. His woman, natasha gave him a call in space during the video saying yes to the proposal.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Engagement Rings for Women, a quick guide to choose perfect one

Engagement rings are worn mostly by women as a gift of promise by their prospective spouse. The culture came from the West and with time about the whole world imbibed it.
The details present on the ring decide whether its an engagement ring for women and men. Men's rings lack major details as men keep occupied in sports or heavy lifts; but in case of women's rings, it's optional.
Traditional engagement rings for women were crafted using gold or platinum with big studded diamond stone but with drift in time and culture,  brides and grooms opted for birthstones too.
There are 12 birthstones, each one in itself is said to be significant and symbolic for a promise. In addition to that you can also choose from the birth date because there's a stone for each  and every month. You can also can change  the metal used in making a ring along with the built type.
Different types of engagement rings
1. Solitaire Engagement Ring: Ring with only one precious stone and rest metal.
2. Delicate Diamond Band: Holds a big central diamond piece and rest of the ring is studded with small diamond pieces.
3. Halo Engagement Ring: In this type of rings the central diamond piece is surrounded by small diamonds studded. That way it makes the central diamond look bigger.
4. Modern Engagement Ring: These rings are made to be bold using broad plates of metal. The lines on the ring are simple and beautiful
5. Alternative Engagement Ring: These rings use alternate metals like stainless steel, silver and platinum.
6. Rustic Engagement Ring: Rustic rings are in fashion nowadays. These rings are given a worn out texture above which could be both, hand made or machine art.

7. Luxury Engagement Ring: A diamond ring with usually more than one metal layer and big diamond in between. Then the engagement ring is studded with more diamonds on it and are priced accordingly to be a Luxury Engagement Ring.

Solitaire Rings
Solitaire Rings

Different types of Birthstones to choose engagement ring for your woman
1. January- Garnet stands for constancy and patience. You can select amongst the most conventional 'red', green, purple, yellow and black.
2. February- Amethyst symbolizes sincerity, protection and peace. Colour can be selected within the range of hues, from purple to violet.

3. March- Aquamarine symbolizes beauty honesty and loyalty. you can get a ring made in colours in shades of greenish blue to deep blue.

4. April- Diamond stands for love, strength, innocence and eternity. Diamonds can be used standalone or to highlight it better, you can select to mix and match diamond with ruby or emerald.

5. May- Emerald stands for love, success and healing.

6. June- Pearl symbolizes purity, love, success and happiness.

7. July- Ruby represents love, protection and harmony. Ruby is considered most lavish birthstone and for an  engagement ring women consider Ruby to be a show stopper.

 8. August- Sardonyx or in other words Onyx represents eloquence and married bliss. Onyx has brown, red, white, black and grey stripes which when crowns a woman's engagement ring, make it look unique in it's own kind.

9. September- Sapphire stand for purity, faith and wisdom. In the most usual way, sapphire is blue in colour but there are other colours available too.

10. October- Opal represents innocence, purity and hope. You can choose opal from white, black and grey colours.

11. November- Topaz stands for fidelity and strength. Though it's stereotyped as blue, it comes in different colours such as red, yellow, pink, peach, gold, green and brown.

12. December- Turquoise symbolizes harmony, happiness and luck. To select from, turquoise comes in many colours in the shades of blue to green.

Diamond Bridal Sets, Choose Uniquely for your wedding

At the day of proposal, a man gifts an engagement ring as a symbol of promise to his future spouse. After the engagement, the bride and groom searches for wedding bands which suits best with the engagement ring. On the wedding day, groom offers bride the wedding ring which she can wear along with the engagement ring or she can also switch wear engagement ring with the wedding ring. For the purpose of wearing both the rings conveniently together, bridal sets were born. It gave women the flexibility to wear both engagement ring and wedding band together as one.

A diamond bridal set contains a pair of diamond rings which are destined to be worn together. It consists an engagement ring and a wedding band which are sometimes casted differently and can be joined by the grooves or by soldering permanently together, and some bridal sets are made inseparable by the maker itself. The diamond in center of the engagement ring becomes the main diamond for the diamond bridal set. There are different types of bridal sets available:

1.    Parallel sets: In parallel bridal set engagement ring and wedding ring are made neat separately and without much engineering they just sit besides each other with sheer elegance.

2.    Integrated rings: Integrated rings are made with coordinating diamond ring wrap but ring and ring wrap cannot be worn separately as they do not look good when incomplete.

3.    Trio Ring: These are very much similar to the parallel sets as the trio ring consist of an engagement ring and a woman’s wedding band which can be worn separately; but what it also holds is a wedding band for the groom, which makes it different from the parallel sets.

4.    Customized sets: Customized sets are made only on request; like in case of an ancestral engagement ring, the groom would want to craft a matching wedding band to it. So, customized sets are made by manufacturers elegant enough to complement the engagement ring.

Diamond Bridal Set-Amcor Design

Men are mostly worried when selecting a perfect wedding set for their prospective bride, that if the ring will match the taste of his prospective spouse or not. With options available to craft bridal sets with another precious birthstones and the make details, which men are not very familiar with anyway, they get confused which one to buy and which one not to. Do not worry, give your spouse a diamond bridal set as diamond resembles eternity and looks beautiful as a crown for women’s hands.

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Diamonds used in Jewelry are much older than coal

Contrary to the popular belief that diamonds are formed from coal, scientific research suggest that Diamonds are much older than coal! According to scientific researches done in recent times, formation of most diamonds took place much before the existence of coal in the earth. Therefore, it is evident that coal did not play a role in the formation of diamonds. And Amcor Design, New York, make beautiful jewelry not the diamonds.

Most of the diamonds that have been dated,  formed during the Precambrian Eon. (Eons are the largest intervals of geologic time and are hundreds of millions of years in duration.) The earth is formed about 4,600 million years ago and the Cambrian period started about 542 million years ago. So the Precambrian Eon is a time before that.
The earliest land plants appear on Earth before 450 million years. The unbelievable truth is that the earliest plant came nearly 100 million years after the formation of virtually all natural diamonds in the earth!

The oldest land plants are younger than almost every diamond that has ever been dated, and coal is formed from terrestrial plant debris; it is easy to conclude that coal did not play a significant role in the formation of diamonds.
Geologists in the modern days suggest new theories of the diamond formation. They classify this into four types.
1. Diamond Formation in Earth's Mantle
2.  Diamond Formation at Impact Sites (Asteroids)
3. Diamond Formation in Subduction Zones
4.  Diamond Formation in Space

Diamonds formed in first three ways are found and used in the Jewelry and the Nano-diamonds found in the meteorites in the space are for the nano-scientists and cosmologists.

Nature has formed all the genuine diamonds, some 550 million years back! We, the Amcor Design, are just studding those carefully to enhance your beauty. We stud these diamonds in gold, platinum or white gold to make it a wearable jewelry, may it be a ring, earring, pendant, or wedding band.

Diamond Engagement Ring Amcor Design
Diamond Engagement Ring

Jyoti Kothari,
Guest author

Friday, July 1, 2016

Why Amcor design outperforms in Diamond Jewelry industry?

Why Amcor design outperforms in Diamond Jewelry industry?

Amcor Design provides customers with exceptional value, and finest  jewelry.  The best customer service is our simple philosophy. We use the highest quality metals and  our diamonds are all-natural and conflict-free. We also offer a month money back guarantee along with three years warranty. You can experience safe and secure online shopping at Amcor design.

We are located at the heart of the Diamond District in New York, the business capital of the US. Our long standing relationship with the major diamond manufactures assures you the nicest quality, at a reasonable price. We carefully hand-pick each diamond to ensure perfect matching. The aesthetic beauty is well expressed as the synergy of the design is well preserved. These make products of Amcor Design superior. These are better than  the jewelry seen advertised on television, or even sold in departmental stores.

Engagement Rings From Amcor Design

We specialize in Bridal sets, Wedding bands, Engagement rings. We design and manufacture several items exclusively for our online customers. Hence, we can offer you unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else! You can always think of gifting our exclusive jewelry at any occasion.
Anything we sell at Amcor design, are genuine, authentic and of consistent high quality and value.  Silver jewelry, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry studded with fine diamonds and, colored gemstones are the main items we offer. We also provide Independent Lab Certificate from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, FAGL, or IGI for some selected diamond solitaires. Your satisfaction is guaranteed while buying at Amcor design. And, that is we striving for.

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Bridal sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

Bridal Sets
Bridal Sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

Every bride wanna look beautiful on her wedding. A diva waits for a long time for the special day of her life. Diamond is known as woman’s best friend and diamond jewelry will definitely make the special day more special.

If you are planning for your big fat wedding you must consider Diamond bridal sets to make it a grand wedding.

 A small pair of earrings or a small diamond necklace around your neck with your flared wedding gown will make you feel in the heavens. Look best with the world’s brightest precious stone. Adorn yourself from head to toe with this refreshing stone.

Diamond bracelets, earrings, and necklace will make you real princess on the D-Day. Carry with confidence and dignity and show your enhanced beauty to the whole world.

The world’s rarest stone is the perfect companion on your special day. Add a pinch of luxury to your wedding with some precious Diamond Jewelry, whether it is a Traditional stud or a heart-shaped ring on your promise finger. What to wear on your special day? Don’t waste your time and energy to think about. Here are the solutions for all your needs.

His and Her matching wedding rings signify the story of true love birds. Pick a matching pair of engagement rings that will perfectly complement each other. Wait for the appreciation from your friends and family. Pendant with Heart shaped Diamond perfectly defines your look on the special day. You can also choose Gold-diamond, Platinum-Diamond, Titanium-Diamond combination. Diamond on every metal is really attractive and soothing.  A matching necklace around your neck will make your Day. Elaborate Diamond Pendant alone in enough to pamper you.

 For more dramatic look you can try Diamond Bands. Nowadays these are becoming popular.

A pretty Diamond engagement ring is a symbol of true love and long time commitment. It conveys the message of pure love and bonding in a couple.

ring with different cuts of Diamond can be worn on the wedding day. Brilliant round, Princess, Oval, Heart and Pear are some traditional cuts that are the constant favorite for a wedding ring. Some modern designs are trendy in this year. The popular items are Brooklyn-three stone engagement ring, Fliss- Princess cut ring, Burlesque-Twisted shaped ring, and these rings gained popularity for their elegant designs. Some fancy Diamonds are also capturing our eyes. These are available in different color, size and shape. The popular fancy colors are Yellow, Pink, Champagne, and Blue. You can sparkle some extra with these shining Diamond Rings. Give the day some extra oomph! 

Who would not love to wear these designs? Pick out the perfect one and let’s look like gorgeous and beautiful on your special day. Make your wedding memory last forever.

So what you are waiting for? Value yourself, love your partner and Start your new life with a beautiful Diamond Jewelry.

Bridal sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

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