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Bridal sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

Bridal Sets
Bridal Sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

Every bride wanna look beautiful on her wedding. A diva waits for a long time for the special day of her life. Diamond is known as woman’s best friend and diamond jewelry will definitely make the special day more special.

If you are planning for your big fat wedding you must consider Diamond bridal sets to make it a grand wedding.

 A small pair of earrings or a small diamond necklace around your neck with your flared wedding gown will make you feel in the heavens. Look best with the world’s brightest precious stone. Adorn yourself from head to toe with this refreshing stone.

Diamond bracelets, earrings, and necklace will make you real princess on the D-Day. Carry with confidence and dignity and show your enhanced beauty to the whole world.

The world’s rarest stone is the perfect companion on your special day. Add a pinch of luxury to your wedding with some precious Diamond Jewelry, whether it is a Traditional stud or a heart-shaped ring on your promise finger. What to wear on your special day? Don’t waste your time and energy to think about. Here are the solutions for all your needs.

His and Her matching wedding rings signify the story of true love birds. Pick a matching pair of engagement rings that will perfectly complement each other. Wait for the appreciation from your friends and family. Pendant with Heart shaped Diamond perfectly defines your look on the special day. You can also choose Gold-diamond, Platinum-Diamond, Titanium-Diamond combination. Diamond on every metal is really attractive and soothing.  A matching necklace around your neck will make your Day. Elaborate Diamond Pendant alone in enough to pamper you.

 For more dramatic look you can try Diamond Bands. Nowadays these are becoming popular.

A pretty Diamond engagement ring is a symbol of true love and long time commitment. It conveys the message of pure love and bonding in a couple.

ring with different cuts of Diamond can be worn on the wedding day. Brilliant round, Princess, Oval, Heart and Pear are some traditional cuts that are the constant favorite for a wedding ring. Some modern designs are trendy in this year. The popular items are Brooklyn-three stone engagement ring, Fliss- Princess cut ring, Burlesque-Twisted shaped ring, and these rings gained popularity for their elegant designs. Some fancy Diamonds are also capturing our eyes. These are available in different color, size and shape. The popular fancy colors are Yellow, Pink, Champagne, and Blue. You can sparkle some extra with these shining Diamond Rings. Give the day some extra oomph! 

Who would not love to wear these designs? Pick out the perfect one and let’s look like gorgeous and beautiful on your special day. Make your wedding memory last forever.

So what you are waiting for? Value yourself, love your partner and Start your new life with a beautiful Diamond Jewelry.

Bridal sets, Diamond Jewelry from Amcor Design

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Knowing contrasts about Diamond Jewelry

Engagement Rings
Diamond Ring from Amcor Design

Interested in contrasts?

Let us start with some knowledge about the valuable gemstone. Diamond is the hardest material found in nature. It is ten times harder than the very next hardest stone blue sapphire. And we know that girls are delicate and that is the best part of their feminine characteristics. Hence, when a girl wears a Diamond, it is the best contrast!! And that’s why girls love diamonds so much.

Diamonds are not only the hardest but the costliest among all minerals. The African continent is rich in diamond mines along with Russia and Australia. Yet another contrast, Diamonds are found in the coal mines! Basically, coal and diamonds are made of the same material carbon. Diamond is nothing but a carbon crystal at its purest form. And where coal is black and opaque diamond is dazzling white.

Miners dig this precious stone from all over the world and sell the rough stones to diamond cutters and polishers in India, Belgium, and Israel. However, some other countries including the US also cut and polish diamonds in smaller quantity.There are as-sorters in every diamond market who assort polished diamonds and grade those according to the quality. Amcor designs pick high-grade assorted diamonds suitable for your jewelry. Dedicated designers lay the foundation stone for the making of beautiful jewelry.

Amcor Design has to go through multiple levels of processes involving both technology and manpower before they are ready to deliver a piece of art. Amcor designers coin new pieces regularly to be updated with the latest trend and fashion. 

Charging only a few bucks for the labor paid to beautify your invaluable persona is worth. Amcor assures that you are getting the best value for your dollars.

I have started the story with the word contrast and there is a contrast in the middle but there is no contrast and only similarity in the jewelry. At the end, I like to say that Amcor is making jewelry in white gold with white diamonds. So wear it and be happy.

Jyoti Kothari, Jaipur
Guest author

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Engagement Rings for Women and Men - Amcor Design

Diamond is most beautiful thing in the world. Diamond have include of many variety.Diamond have different color like steel gray , yellow , orange , red , green etc. Different beautiful items is manufactured by diamond. Which are used by people in general life.

In the periodic table , number 6 is diamond and Diamond is carbon(100%) and C is shown the formula of carbon or Diamond.The density is diamond of 3.5–3.53 g/cm3.

All people use diamond items like diamond rings , diamond engagement rings , wedding bands sets , diamond pendant , diamond necklaces , semi mounts sets.

Amcor Design provide pure diamond items for all people at reasonable prizes. Amcor Design offer Engagement Rings for Women and Men.

Engagement rings for Women
Fig : Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Beautifully styled, our 0.20 Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring features an extravagant 0.00 carat Round cut diamond center accompanied by 0.20 Baguette cut side stones set on Lucida crown. All diamonds are hand-selected to match in color, size and quality. They are rated as I1 in clarity and H-I in color. The diamonds on this ring have exceptional brilliance and are set on lustrous 14K White Gold.

Engagement Rings for Women
Fig: 14KT White Gold 4-Prong Solitaire Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Our classic solitaire 0.35 diamond engagement ring features an extravagant 0.35 carat Round cut diamond center. The diamond is rated as I1 clarity and H-I in color. The diamond on this ring has exceptional brilliance and is set on lustrous 14KT White Gold.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Aspects of Real Diamond Jewelry

Engagement Rings for Women

Diamond jewelry is a symbol of long-lasting love, pride, and prestige.

Diamond is something which never let you down. A small engagement ring in the finger is really adorable when made from the finest stone of this earth. Its luminous presence is enough to grab everyone’s attractions for centuries. Diamond is an all-time favorite. For centuries, Diamond has been a symbol of romance and commitments. A real diamond perfectly beautifies any metal be it gold white, yellow, or pink), Platinum or Titanium.

A small piece of diamond jewelry defines the beauty of every woman graciously. Diamonds perfectly match with every type of dresses be it Oriental or Western, Office wear or Party wear; every type of Occasions be it Passover or Christmas. A heart shaped ring is a perfect gift to woo your girlfriend or Wife on Valentine’s Day. What to speak of an Engagement Ring for Woman by Amcor Designs.

Diamond jewelry is enough to add shine to any party whether it is a necklace or a small pair of earrings, pendant or ring, bracelets or crown. A Dazzling Diamond Jewelry adds dignity to any gorgeous Party.

The value of Diamond jewelry is more than that of any other type of Jewelry. Its glittering appearance has amazed the whole world from ancient times. Of course, the price of diamond jewelry depends on the luster of the diamond used.

Diamond is the hardest form of carbon. That’s why its longevity is more. That’s why till date Grandma’s wedding ring is enticing to her granddaughter’s wedding. Its beauty never fades away with times. Same diamond jewelry is handed down from one generation to the next as an heirloom.

The availability of diamond is limited. Nature takes a long time to form a diamond in the mines. The scarcity of real diamond makes it more precious.

The price of a diamond Jewelry depends on the shape and size of the diamond studded and the metal on which it is mounted. The price of Diamond also depends on the cut, color, and clarity. The round cut brilliant is considered as the nicest cut.

Do you know the sparkling feature of diamond is completely a scientific event? Length to width ratio is a crucial factor for any diamond piece. The sparkling effect of Diamond is due to high refractive index. Real diamond sparkles significantly resulting in brilliance .The dispersion of light through the diamond indicates how well the stone is proportioned. A fine Polish makes the appearance more attractive.

The weight of diamond is measured in Karat.1 Karat means 200 mg or simply one fifth of a gram.  Simply speaking, more the Karats more the value of a diamond.  Diamonds are certified in accordance with some parameters. The parameters are four C’s namely-Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight.

Picking out a right diamond ring is really a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and attention. The best white colored Diamond is graded as ‘D’ and the purest Diamond is graded as ‘IF’.

GIA certification ensures the quality of diamond jewelry. And this American certification agency has the highest reputation in the world among all certifying agencies. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after a lot of research came up with the parameters for grading diamonds.

The best form of diamond is fully white, inclusion-free, and transparent. The colored diamond is known as fancy-colored diamonds. Yellow, Pink, and Champagne colored diamonds are now gaining popularity in the fancy colored diamond market.

People have attempted to make a diamond in laboratories with chemicals but the originality of a natural diamond is still more appealing to the aristocrat buyers. A real diamond jewelry lifts one’s mood and touches the heart. And that’s why Bridal sets from Amcor Designs are touching the hearts of Americans.

Bridal Sets

So what you are waiting for? Pamper yourself with this rarest and shiniest stone of the world and discover yourself having such stone as precious as Diamond.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Amcor Design - Engagement Rings for Women

Amcor Design - Engagement Rings for Women

Large numbers of people today,  use different types of diamond jewelry likes of Rings, Engagement rings for women, Diamond Journey Pendants, Semi-Mount Wedding Set, Semi Mount Bridal Sets, Round Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings, Round Diamond Circle Pendants, Wedding Bridal Sets, Diamond Bridal Sets, Diamond pendants  Diamond necklaces etc.

Amcor Design manufactures various types of quality diamond jewelry and sells these items online to American customers. Amcor Design offers a discount on all diamond items at festivals such as Memorial day and Christmas.  

We provide latest and fashionable diamond Jewelry at a wholesale rate for women and men.  We offer most beautiful Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement Rings for Women

Beautifully styled, our 1.40 Karat Diamond Engagement Ring features an extraordinary 0.35 Karat Round cut diamond as centerpiece accompanied by 1.05 ct. round cut side stones. All diamonds are hand-selected to match in color, size, and quality. These are rated as I1 in clarity and H-I in color. The diamonds on this ring have exceptional brilliance and are set on lustrous 14KT White Gold.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Engagement Rings

Amcor Design offers fashionable Engagement Rings for Women and Men. We offer all diamond jewelry at a reasonable rate. We offer different types Diamond items like Diamond Ring Enhancers, Wedding Ring Enhancers, Diamond Eternity Rings, Diamond Fashion Rings, Diamond Pendants and more at Wholesale price.

We provide all our diamond jewelry online delivered to your home anywhere in the US.  We provide services from New York (United States). We offer stylish Diamond items at a reasonable rate. People across America shop and our products such as Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding bands, Diamond Bridal Jewelry Sets, Women Plain Wedding bands, eternity rings, baguette diamond wedding rings and much more.
Engagement Rings for Women

Amcor Design is best for buy different types Diamond items. Amcor Design provide Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring.
Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring

This beautiful Wedding Band has a classic design and features 0.25 ct. Baguette cut diamonds set on a bar with rows of two. The diamonds rated as I1 in clarity and H-I in color, have exceptional brilliance and are set on lustrous 14KT White Gold.