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Aspects of Real Diamond Jewelry

Engagement Rings for Women

Diamond jewelry is a symbol of long-lasting love, pride, and prestige.

Diamond is something which never let you down. A small engagement ring in the finger is really adorable when made from the finest stone of this earth. Its luminous presence is enough to grab everyone’s attractions for centuries. Diamond is an all-time favorite. For centuries, Diamond has been a symbol of romance and commitments. A real diamond perfectly beautifies any metal be it gold white, yellow, or pink), Platinum or Titanium.

A small piece of diamond jewelry defines the beauty of every woman graciously. Diamonds perfectly match with every type of dresses be it Oriental or Western, Office wear or Party wear; every type of Occasions be it Passover or Christmas. A heart shaped ring is a perfect gift to woo your girlfriend or Wife on Valentine’s Day. What to speak of an Engagement Ring for Woman by Amcor Designs.

Diamond jewelry is enough to add shine to any party whether it is a necklace or a small pair of earrings, pendant or ring, bracelets or crown. A Dazzling Diamond Jewelry adds dignity to any gorgeous Party.

The value of Diamond jewelry is more than that of any other type of Jewelry. Its glittering appearance has amazed the whole world from ancient times. Of course, the price of diamond jewelry depends on the luster of the diamond used.

Diamond is the hardest form of carbon. That’s why its longevity is more. That’s why till date Grandma’s wedding ring is enticing to her granddaughter’s wedding. Its beauty never fades away with times. Same diamond jewelry is handed down from one generation to the next as an heirloom.

The availability of diamond is limited. Nature takes a long time to form a diamond in the mines. The scarcity of real diamond makes it more precious.

The price of a diamond Jewelry depends on the shape and size of the diamond studded and the metal on which it is mounted. The price of Diamond also depends on the cut, color, and clarity. The round cut brilliant is considered as the nicest cut.

Do you know the sparkling feature of diamond is completely a scientific event? Length to width ratio is a crucial factor for any diamond piece. The sparkling effect of Diamond is due to high refractive index. Real diamond sparkles significantly resulting in brilliance .The dispersion of light through the diamond indicates how well the stone is proportioned. A fine Polish makes the appearance more attractive.

The weight of diamond is measured in Karat.1 Karat means 200 mg or simply one fifth of a gram.  Simply speaking, more the Karats more the value of a diamond.  Diamonds are certified in accordance with some parameters. The parameters are four C’s namely-Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight.

Picking out a right diamond ring is really a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and attention. The best white colored Diamond is graded as ‘D’ and the purest Diamond is graded as ‘IF’.

GIA certification ensures the quality of diamond jewelry. And this American certification agency has the highest reputation in the world among all certifying agencies. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after a lot of research came up with the parameters for grading diamonds.

The best form of diamond is fully white, inclusion-free, and transparent. The colored diamond is known as fancy-colored diamonds. Yellow, Pink, and Champagne colored diamonds are now gaining popularity in the fancy colored diamond market.

People have attempted to make a diamond in laboratories with chemicals but the originality of a natural diamond is still more appealing to the aristocrat buyers. A real diamond jewelry lifts one’s mood and touches the heart. And that’s why Bridal sets from Amcor Designs are touching the hearts of Americans.

Bridal Sets

So what you are waiting for? Pamper yourself with this rarest and shiniest stone of the world and discover yourself having such stone as precious as Diamond.

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