Friday, May 20, 2016

Knowing contrasts about Diamond Jewelry

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Interested in contrasts?

Let us start with some knowledge about the valuable gemstone. Diamond is the hardest material found in nature. It is ten times harder than the very next hardest stone blue sapphire. And we know that girls are delicate and that is the best part of their feminine characteristics. Hence, when a girl wears a Diamond, it is the best contrast!! And that’s why girls love diamonds so much.

Diamonds are not only the hardest but the costliest among all minerals. The African continent is rich in diamond mines along with Russia and Australia. Yet another contrast, Diamonds are found in the coal mines! Basically, coal and diamonds are made of the same material carbon. Diamond is nothing but a carbon crystal at its purest form. And where coal is black and opaque diamond is dazzling white.

Miners dig this precious stone from all over the world and sell the rough stones to diamond cutters and polishers in India, Belgium, and Israel. However, some other countries including the US also cut and polish diamonds in smaller quantity.There are as-sorters in every diamond market who assort polished diamonds and grade those according to the quality. Amcor designs pick high-grade assorted diamonds suitable for your jewelry. Dedicated designers lay the foundation stone for the making of beautiful jewelry.

Amcor Design has to go through multiple levels of processes involving both technology and manpower before they are ready to deliver a piece of art. Amcor designers coin new pieces regularly to be updated with the latest trend and fashion. 

Charging only a few bucks for the labor paid to beautify your invaluable persona is worth. Amcor assures that you are getting the best value for your dollars.

I have started the story with the word contrast and there is a contrast in the middle but there is no contrast and only similarity in the jewelry. At the end, I like to say that Amcor is making jewelry in white gold with white diamonds. So wear it and be happy.

Jyoti Kothari, Jaipur
Guest author

New York
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