Monday, July 11, 2016

Diamond Bridal Sets, Choose Uniquely for your wedding

At the day of proposal, a man gifts an engagement ring as a symbol of promise to his future spouse. After the engagement, the bride and groom searches for wedding bands which suits best with the engagement ring. On the wedding day, groom offers bride the wedding ring which she can wear along with the engagement ring or she can also switch wear engagement ring with the wedding ring. For the purpose of wearing both the rings conveniently together, bridal sets were born. It gave women the flexibility to wear both engagement ring and wedding band together as one.

A diamond bridal set contains a pair of diamond rings which are destined to be worn together. It consists an engagement ring and a wedding band which are sometimes casted differently and can be joined by the grooves or by soldering permanently together, and some bridal sets are made inseparable by the maker itself. The diamond in center of the engagement ring becomes the main diamond for the diamond bridal set. There are different types of bridal sets available:

1.    Parallel sets: In parallel bridal set engagement ring and wedding ring are made neat separately and without much engineering they just sit besides each other with sheer elegance.

2.    Integrated rings: Integrated rings are made with coordinating diamond ring wrap but ring and ring wrap cannot be worn separately as they do not look good when incomplete.

3.    Trio Ring: These are very much similar to the parallel sets as the trio ring consist of an engagement ring and a woman’s wedding band which can be worn separately; but what it also holds is a wedding band for the groom, which makes it different from the parallel sets.

4.    Customized sets: Customized sets are made only on request; like in case of an ancestral engagement ring, the groom would want to craft a matching wedding band to it. So, customized sets are made by manufacturers elegant enough to complement the engagement ring.

Diamond Bridal Set-Amcor Design

Men are mostly worried when selecting a perfect wedding set for their prospective bride, that if the ring will match the taste of his prospective spouse or not. With options available to craft bridal sets with another precious birthstones and the make details, which men are not very familiar with anyway, they get confused which one to buy and which one not to. Do not worry, give your spouse a diamond bridal set as diamond resembles eternity and looks beautiful as a crown for women’s hands.

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