Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Diamonds used in Jewelry are much older than coal

Contrary to the popular belief that diamonds are formed from coal, scientific research suggest that Diamonds are much older than coal! According to scientific researches done in recent times, formation of most diamonds took place much before the existence of coal in the earth. Therefore, it is evident that coal did not play a role in the formation of diamonds. And Amcor Design, New York, make beautiful jewelry not the diamonds.

Most of the diamonds that have been dated,  formed during the Precambrian Eon. (Eons are the largest intervals of geologic time and are hundreds of millions of years in duration.) The earth is formed about 4,600 million years ago and the Cambrian period started about 542 million years ago. So the Precambrian Eon is a time before that.
The earliest land plants appear on Earth before 450 million years. The unbelievable truth is that the earliest plant came nearly 100 million years after the formation of virtually all natural diamonds in the earth!

The oldest land plants are younger than almost every diamond that has ever been dated, and coal is formed from terrestrial plant debris; it is easy to conclude that coal did not play a significant role in the formation of diamonds.
Geologists in the modern days suggest new theories of the diamond formation. They classify this into four types.
1. Diamond Formation in Earth's Mantle
2.  Diamond Formation at Impact Sites (Asteroids)
3. Diamond Formation in Subduction Zones
4.  Diamond Formation in Space

Diamonds formed in first three ways are found and used in the Jewelry and the Nano-diamonds found in the meteorites in the space are for the nano-scientists and cosmologists.

Nature has formed all the genuine diamonds, some 550 million years back! We, the Amcor Design, are just studding those carefully to enhance your beauty. We stud these diamonds in gold, platinum or white gold to make it a wearable jewelry, may it be a ring, earring, pendant, or wedding band.

Diamond Engagement Ring Amcor Design
Diamond Engagement Ring

Jyoti Kothari,
Guest author

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