Monday, July 11, 2016

Engagement Rings for Women, a quick guide to choose perfect one

Engagement rings are worn mostly by women as a gift of promise by their prospective spouse. The culture came from the West and with time about the whole world imbibed it.
The details present on the ring decide whether its an engagement ring for women and men. Men's rings lack major details as men keep occupied in sports or heavy lifts; but in case of women's rings, it's optional.
Traditional engagement rings for women were crafted using gold or platinum with big studded diamond stone but with drift in time and culture,  brides and grooms opted for birthstones too.
There are 12 birthstones, each one in itself is said to be significant and symbolic for a promise. In addition to that you can also choose from the birth date because there's a stone for each  and every month. You can also can change  the metal used in making a ring along with the built type.
Different types of engagement rings
1. Solitaire Engagement Ring: Ring with only one precious stone and rest metal.
2. Delicate Diamond Band: Holds a big central diamond piece and rest of the ring is studded with small diamond pieces.
3. Halo Engagement Ring: In this type of rings the central diamond piece is surrounded by small diamonds studded. That way it makes the central diamond look bigger.
4. Modern Engagement Ring: These rings are made to be bold using broad plates of metal. The lines on the ring are simple and beautiful
5. Alternative Engagement Ring: These rings use alternate metals like stainless steel, silver and platinum.
6. Rustic Engagement Ring: Rustic rings are in fashion nowadays. These rings are given a worn out texture above which could be both, hand made or machine art.

7. Luxury Engagement Ring: A diamond ring with usually more than one metal layer and big diamond in between. Then the engagement ring is studded with more diamonds on it and are priced accordingly to be a Luxury Engagement Ring.

Solitaire Rings
Solitaire Rings

Different types of Birthstones to choose engagement ring for your woman
1. January- Garnet stands for constancy and patience. You can select amongst the most conventional 'red', green, purple, yellow and black.
2. February- Amethyst symbolizes sincerity, protection and peace. Colour can be selected within the range of hues, from purple to violet.

3. March- Aquamarine symbolizes beauty honesty and loyalty. you can get a ring made in colours in shades of greenish blue to deep blue.

4. April- Diamond stands for love, strength, innocence and eternity. Diamonds can be used standalone or to highlight it better, you can select to mix and match diamond with ruby or emerald.

5. May- Emerald stands for love, success and healing.

6. June- Pearl symbolizes purity, love, success and happiness.

7. July- Ruby represents love, protection and harmony. Ruby is considered most lavish birthstone and for an  engagement ring women consider Ruby to be a show stopper.

 8. August- Sardonyx or in other words Onyx represents eloquence and married bliss. Onyx has brown, red, white, black and grey stripes which when crowns a woman's engagement ring, make it look unique in it's own kind.

9. September- Sapphire stand for purity, faith and wisdom. In the most usual way, sapphire is blue in colour but there are other colours available too.

10. October- Opal represents innocence, purity and hope. You can choose opal from white, black and grey colours.

11. November- Topaz stands for fidelity and strength. Though it's stereotyped as blue, it comes in different colours such as red, yellow, pink, peach, gold, green and brown.

12. December- Turquoise symbolizes harmony, happiness and luck. To select from, turquoise comes in many colours in the shades of blue to green.

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