Friday, July 1, 2016

Why Amcor design outperforms in Diamond Jewelry industry?

Why Amcor design outperforms in Diamond Jewelry industry?

Amcor Design provides customers with exceptional value, and finest  jewelry.  The best customer service is our simple philosophy. We use the highest quality metals and  our diamonds are all-natural and conflict-free. We also offer a month money back guarantee along with three years warranty. You can experience safe and secure online shopping at Amcor design.

We are located at the heart of the Diamond District in New York, the business capital of the US. Our long standing relationship with the major diamond manufactures assures you the nicest quality, at a reasonable price. We carefully hand-pick each diamond to ensure perfect matching. The aesthetic beauty is well expressed as the synergy of the design is well preserved. These make products of Amcor Design superior. These are better than  the jewelry seen advertised on television, or even sold in departmental stores.

Engagement Rings From Amcor Design

We specialize in Bridal sets, Wedding bands, Engagement rings. We design and manufacture several items exclusively for our online customers. Hence, we can offer you unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else! You can always think of gifting our exclusive jewelry at any occasion.
Anything we sell at Amcor design, are genuine, authentic and of consistent high quality and value.  Silver jewelry, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry studded with fine diamonds and, colored gemstones are the main items we offer. We also provide Independent Lab Certificate from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, FAGL, or IGI for some selected diamond solitaires. Your satisfaction is guaranteed while buying at Amcor design. And, that is we striving for.

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